Seventeen Colour Carnival

So now that it's the Holiday season, we all know what it means...candy?! No, good guess though (nods in approval) but GLITTER!!! Yap, there's no excuse, you can go full on sparkle in the month of December and no one can judge you! Last year, I got my shimmer fix with the OPI Starlight Collection, but this year my Dad came across these by chance in Bluewater and instantly thought of MOI...quelle surprise!

Plus, at £1.99 or 3 for £3 in Boots, it's a far cry from the expensive OPI polishes, honestly what's not to like? So go on, I dare you, dazzle with me...

P.S. Sadly I can't attest to how these polishes wear and tear, or remove since I've only tried them as swatches, but you can still enjoy the prettiness! Also the collection in fact includes a full range of finishes; I've just concentrated on the glitters.

Seventeen Colour Carnival in Holo Glitter

Seventeen - Holo Glitter (Colour Carnival)

I've never owned a holographic nail polish before let alone a glitter one (I know hard to believe with my MAHUSIVE collection), and I was super impressed with this one. In case you're confused as to what exactly is the difference between holographic and regular glitter, when the light hits a holographic nail polish/glitter it changes colour, so your polish can look like every colour of the rainbow all at once. However, with just regular glitter polish, each "flake" of sparkly material is one "base" colour and when the light hits it, it just flashes between that colour and white (or however you would describe a sparkle).


- 3 coats on top of Orly's glue basecoat for easy swatch removal.

Super easy application, the glitter is evenly distributed and applies effortlessly without having to "fish" in the bottle, or dab on the nail to fix empty patches. And compared to the gritty finish of the OPI Starlight nail polishes, these dry quite smooth too.

Seventeen Colour Carnival in Blue Glitter

Seventeen - Blue Glitter (Colour Carnival)

I was super excited by the colour in the bottle of this one. A gorgeous electric blue that unfortunately doesn't translate to the nail. Even after three coats, I could only get it to become a light pastel blue colour. Had the base been more pigmented, then I think my free edge wouldn't have been visible either (the part that grows out of the nail; usually highlighted in a French manicure).


- 3 coats on top of Orly's glue basecoat for easy swatch removal.

Easy application, does dry a tiny bit gritty but nothing too bad that would snag on your clothes or anything else.

Seventeen Colour Carnival in Purple Glitter

Seventeen - Purple Glitter (Colour Carnival)

This one was a bit of a trickster, in the bottle it looks like more of a muted, almost grey-ish, purple but on the nails it has quite a bit of warmth to it, and is more of a fuchsia purple. The photos show perfectly what I mean too! (A rare occurrence, since usually the camera likes to change the real life colours).


- 3 coats on top of Orly's glue basecoat for easy swatch removal.

Once again, wonderful application, this one dries more like the Holo Glitter from above, i.e. pretty smooth and not too gritty.

Seventeen Colour Carnival Deep Red Sparkle

Seventeen - Deep Red Sparkle (Colour Carnival)

I've been looking for an all-out red glitter for ages, you'd think it would be easier to find given the Holiday season but I've had no luck for the last couple of years. This one would fit the bill if only it had a whole lot more glitter to it (the Nail Polish Gods are just toying with me at this point). But it is a "sparkle" and hence a different texture/finish than the rest.

Definitely more of a classic red creme (not actually as dark as I was expecting with "deep" in the name) but with a hint, and I do mean a HINT, of sparkle. Still pretty though, and I think my polish of choice for this year's December 25th!!!


- 2 coats on top of Orly's glue basecoat for easy swatch removal.

This could be a 1 coater, had I not had long nails and a free edge to cover. Super smooth application, no complaints here!

Seventeen Colour Carnival

Are you a big fan of glitter during this month?

What's your favourite coloured glitter to wear? Or the most unusual you've worn?

Have you come across a glittery red? If so, I need NAMES people!!! Don't be shy, you are my eyes and ears out there! :P