Essie Spring Collection 2017 - Nail Swatches

Sooooo it might have been a while since I've written a blog post...therefore excuse me if I'm a little rusty! :P But as the Essie Summer Collection has already made an appearance in my local Di (guys it's gorgeous!!!), as well as the NEON ONE (ahhhhh this is not a drill guys; we've finally received an in-between collection!!!!), I thought I'd better hurry!

Essie Spring Collection 2017

This Spring Collection is based on "don't stop till you hit the border" road trips, which is great in theory (especially if you live in the US), but in Belgium that's about an hour and a half trip (hey "we may be a small country, but we're a great one, too" bonus points for those who can name that quote)!!! So not much of a "vacay with your besties" which is what this Collection had in mind. Anyway, I only picked up two from this year's Collection, and although I was very tempted by the green polish in On The Roadie, my heart is still set on getting First Timer or Mojito Madness (one day guys, one day!). But if you're interested to see how they compare, then, as usual, I highly recommend you check out Kindra from EssieEnvy! She has all the colours from this Collection (and relevant swatches) here and an Essie green swatch comparison post here.

You'll know, if you've read any of my previous nail posts, that I'm not a big fan of dark or navy blues on my nails unless they have something interesting going on like Aruba Blue or Loot The Booty. So it's no surprise that I had to give All The Wave a miss, it's just not for me. And finally, B'aha Moment and Designated DJ didn't make the cut either because I have wayyyy too many polishes in my collection that look similar, hence I really didn't feel the need for them.

P.S. I have yet to test wear time on these two, but they're my favourite plasticised creme finish; so I can't imagine they would be much different than the standard 4-5 day wear I usually get.

Essie Spring Collection 2017 in Backseat Besties

Essie - Backseat Besties (Spring 2017)

Described as a "pink plumeria" (had to look it's a flower guys!) it is a gorgeous light pinky coral colour. I was very interested to see how the two pinks from this Spring Collection would compare to the Retro Revival 2017 ones (next post guys) but #SPOILERS Chastity is totally different (way more blue toned) and Flawless is close but again pulls a bit more blue and dusky and hence less coral (comparison swatch in next post). However, #DUPEALERT Backseat Besties has a twin (which is a hair lighter) and it's Groove Is In The Heart (see comparison below), so if you have that shade already, you really don't need this one...D'OH!


- 3 coats on top of Orly's glue basecoat for easy swatch removal.

EDIT: After doing some research (i.e. looking at my favourite nail blogs EssieEnvy and Imabeautygeek including the Essie UK website) I think it's safe to say that my bottle of Backseat Besties might be a mistake batch. Because as I said above, mine is near identical to Groove Is In The Heart yet for everyone else, it seems to be much more of a Barbie blue toned pink. Anyone else in Europe encountering this?!

EDIT TO MY EDIT: Scratch that, Lauren from Laurens-list (a Canadian beauty blogger) seems to have the same version as me, so maybe the US version is a different one? Wouldn't be the first time (cough...cough Mint Candy Apple).

Essie Spring Collection 2017 in Excuse Me, Sur

Essie - Excuse Me, Sur (Spring 2017)

Described as a "sun kissed coral mango" (quite the imagery, right?!) this is a bright peachy colour (mango is a lot darker) but I'm not going to debate the choice of fruit! :P Loved this one! Really elegant against my skin tone and the perfect "nude" for me. Unless I'm purposefully going for the mannequin hand look (a rare occasion), I like my nudes to have a slight wash of colour/punch to them. Especially in spring time, when I'm in the mood for something brighter after the wintery months of March and April and Excuse Me, Sur is that perfect colour!


- 3 coats on top of Orly's glue basecoat for easy swatch removal.

Essie Spring Collection 2017

There you have it, my two picks from the Essie Spring Collection.

What's your favourite colour to wear after the miserable March and April months (weather wise) and gets you in the mood for spring?

Have you ever encountered a similar issue with a batch of nail polish being the wrong colour?

Lastly and most importantly (I know I said I wouldn't debate this), but do you consider Excuse Me, Sur to be more of a mango or a peach? :P