Winter Hats

Recently I've been really loving wearing winter hats. Not only do they keep your head super warm and cosy but they also hide greasy hair #bonus!!! If only it was socially acceptable to wear them during the summer, I'd be set!


Black Double Pom Pom Hat 1

Anyway, I spotted the double pom pom style last year on Zoella's Vlogmas, but they had pretty much all sold out by then. However, a couple of months ago I spotted this beauty in New Look, tried it on, and knew it had to be mine! While I picked up the last one in store, they still have plenty online (and at a reduced price right now!). So, if you want to rock the cute fluffy bear look too, you can join me, I mean Paddington Bear would certainly approve! :P

Black Double Pom Pom Hat 2
Black Double Pom Pom Hat 3


Green Pom Pom Hat 1

While online, New Look describes this pom pom as blue, I would very much say it's more of a green/turquois-y colour. Already owning as checked scarf (from Accessorize years ago) and a Marks and Spencer coat in this colour, I just couldn't resist purchasing the hat to match!

Green Pom Pom Hat 2
Green Pom Pom Hat 3

What do you like to wear on your head, during the winter, to keep you warm? I've been tempted to get a pair of ear muffs, but I have yet to find a pair that don't make me instantly look like Princess Leia. Maybe you've got some good recommendations?

How cold does it get where you live? We had a couple of days of snow here in Belgium, but it doesn't look like we will be getting a white Christmas this year either (sad face!).

Hoping you're enjoying the holidays wherever you are, either way!