Velvet Shoes

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!! Wishing you all the best on this upcoming year, and may it bring you all the goodness that you're hoping for. Personally, what better way to celebrate a new year than with three pairs of velvety party shoes to drool over?!


Red Velvet Shoes 1

These red beauties (similar here) have to be my all-time favourite winter party shoe. Although my sequined boots (that matched my sequined dress perfectly tonight) might disagree, I think velvet shoes (especially heels) are a must when it come to the end of year party season.

Always elegant, especially with dark tights (which are a necessity when it's cold outside). The velvet texture makes everything look more luxurious (even if, like me, you only paid €5 for them at a Belgian Outlet Center Shoes & Fashion). The red does make things a tad Christmassy looking, but if you find a perfectly matched sequined dress, who cares?!

Red Velvet Shoes 2
Red Velvet Shoes 3


Blue Velvet Shoes 1
Blue Velvet Shoes 2

As gorgeous as these heels are (also from the same Outlet), I found that if I wanted to wear them with tights I'd have to size down (at least till they feel just a tad tight). So that once worn with the slippery texture of tights they actually stay on.

A little trick I learnt from ballet class all those years ago was to spritz some hairspray on your tights if you ever want something to stick better.

Alternatively, you could wear a pair of ankle socks under your black tights (so they're not visible), which might make things a bit tighter and hence give better grip! Plus, you'll have the added bonus of extra warmth!!!

Blue Velvet Shoes 3


Green Velvet Shoes 1

Finally, you could just go for an ankle strap style of heel so you're sure to keep things secure (although after a few too many glasses of champagne who's to say).

These were a recent purchase from New Look (can still get them here), although I did have to go and get some extra holes put in the strap (news to me that there was such a thing as fat ankles?!!). Although with an open toe heel you do tend to see the seam of the tights, but I don't particularly mind.

On my toes, I'm sporting Revlon's nail polish in Bewitching (my go-to winter toe colour of choice).

Green Velvet Shoes 2
Green Velvet Shoes 3

There you have it, three gorgeous pairs of velvety heels.

What do you like to wear on your feet this season? (Slippers are a perfectly acceptable answer)

Have you fallen for the velvet trend this season?