The Leopard Trend

So I’ve talked about The Tortoiseshell Trend in a previous blog post, but now let’s talk about a more recent one, the leopard print trend. I’ve personally never been much of a fan of leopard print (you won’t catch me in a full faux fur leopard print coat any time soon), but this recent more beige edition, I can get on board with. Certainly, in small accessory doses you can follow this trend without making too much of a statement.

Leopard Accessories 1

All the following accessories came from Veritas (an accessories and haberdashery shop here in Belgium), which you’ve heard me talk about many times now (they’re always very up to date on the latest trends, and this one is no exception). The jumper I’m sporting is from New Look (here) but I swapped out the black buttons for some brown ones (again from Veritas) which I preferred the look of.


Starting off with a very discreet touch of the leopard print, with some square resin earrings. Sadly, I couldn’t find any exact dupes, but Claire’s have quite a few options in this print.


Leopard Kirby Grips (Bobby Pins) 1

Kirby grip (bobby pin) designs in one’s hairstyles has also been very popular as of late, so why not combine trends and get some leopard print Kirby grips?! I’ve given you two simple examples of how you could wear them, with a crisscross design as shown here:

Leopard Kirby Grips (Bobby Pins) 2

Or simply putting some of your hair back with a few Kirby grips, like this:

Sadly I couldn’t find any alternative place to get these leopard print Kirby grips, so if you know of a place let me know and I’ll link it straight away (I know Boots always have a massive variety of Kirby grips, so you could try there? I personally had no luck online).


Leopard Clip & Earrings 1

This gorgeous leopard hair clip is still available at Veritas (here). I did a very basic clipping back of my hair, but this clip also worked on a ponytail. However, I do have very fine hair, so this clip might not encompass thicker hair ponytails because the clip would not be wide enough.

Leopard Print Clip 1


Leopard Scarf Scrunchy & Earrings 1

Once again combining trends with the scarf scrunchy. I found an identical one of these leopard print ones on New Look (here) and Accessorize have a similar one (here), but if you just fancied a normal head scarf then Asos do a pretty one too (here). A little tip for this hairstyle is to tie your hair first with a normal elastic before placing the scrunchy over it. This way you can get the scarf portion positioned exactly where you want it to be without twisting your ponytail out of place.

Leopard Scarf Scrunchy 1

You could also put the scarf scrunchy on the handle of your handbag to give it a je ne sais quoi, if you didn’t particularly fancy wearing it in your hair that day.

There you have it, all my little leopard print touches.

Do you have a favourite?

What do you think of the Kirby grip and scarf scrunchy trends?

Have you adopted leopard print too? Or are you staying clear? What do you think of this more beige version?