Spring Trench Coats

As it's now spring, you would think this would be the perfect time to get the T-shirts back out...but this is not California and unfortunately in Belgium spring pretty much equates to rain and miserable weather (although we have been lucky enough to get a few good sunny days). So with April showers all round, it's best to stick to the rain coats and umbrellas folks! Plus, it isn't exactly warm either (I mean T-shirt weather only really happens in the summer and even that's a rarity!) but it's not all doom and gloom...think of all the pretty coats you get to wear!

Now I have a particular affection for the trench coat style as you'll know from my first ever fashion post here where I feature my gorgeous dark green one. But come spring, I like to stay on the lighter side of things and stick to more pastel and softer colours.


Pink Trench Coat 1

Pink seems to have become the IT colour this season, which I really don't mind since I love pink and own quite a few pieces in my wardrobe already! But it seems to be the paler more pastel and even blush tones that have garnered everyone's attention.

After seeing a pretty pink trench coat in Marks and Spencer on a food shopping expedition (in Porte de Namur), but not being quite sure; it wasn't double breasted which I would have preferred, and the double breasted one wasn't quite long enough (I know I'm a fussy Goldilocks, what can I say?!) I walked into Zara, which is next door, and immediately spotted this beauty! It was perfect! Also since it was rather a recent purchase you can still find it in store! I'm usually a size 12, which is a medium, but I had to buy it in a large as the medium was just a bit too tight across the bust (and I have a small chest), so make sure you try it on before purchasing!

Pink Trench Coat 2

My usual go-to to style for such a statement coat is to pair it with an all black/neutral outfit and let the coat do all the talking. But this time I thought...nope, I'm going to crack out those sparkly Valentino Rockstud dupes from Buonarotti that you saw featured in my Marbella Evening Outfits post. I think this coat would also go amazingly well with this pair of embroidered boots from New Look that I've had my eye on for a while now (...if only money grew on trees!). Didn't quite manage to leave my "eternal black jeans" behind though...And because I'm just one of those weirdos (that likes to match my watch to my outfit), I also opted to wear my Ted Baker pink watch which again you've already seen in My Watch Collection post.

Pink Trench Coat 3


This one I bought in C&A during my university exchange year in Paris, which was almost 5 years ago now (time flies!). It was the last one in store and missing a belt, but I bought it anyway (similar here but not double breasted). But Emma I hear you ask; it does have a belt?! Well my little munchkins, that's because after picking an exact fabric colour match from Stragier (although with a shinier finish) and a buckle; Moira (my mum's seamstress) made one up for me...and isn't it perfect?!

Blue Trench Coat 1

This is me attempting to water my Dad's flowers, because the bucket matched my coat...the flowers did not survive the drowning; RIP flowers!

Blue Trench Coat 2
Blue Trench Coat 3

Again I kept the rest of the outfit pretty neutral and matched my shoes (similar here) and watch (similar here) to the coat.


Neutral Trench Coat 1

Maybe colour isn't your thing, even in spring...in which case this is a great alternative and of course a true classic: the pebble/beige trench coat. This one I like to wear open with the belt tied into a nice bow on the back, having pulled it in a bit so the coat still looks cinched in. And because I just can't miss out on colour completely I like to wear it with a bright red lip, like this Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 01 Always Red. I think also adding a red crossbody bag (like this one) would look cute and would give that extra pop of colour (not a great option if you're avoiding colour though).

Neutral Trench Coat 2

For shoes, I've got my standard black booties from New Look (similar here), a classic black watch (similar here) and my glamorous sunglasses (similar here) featured in my Sunglasses Lookbook to complete the chic look.

Neutral Trench Coat 3

There you have it, my three go-to trench coats in the spring/summer.

Which one is your favourite?

Are you as obsessed with pink as everyone else is this season?

Do you like the trench coat style, or do you prefer to rock a different cut? Do you even have to wear a coat in the spring where you live?