Red & Lace...OOTD #ThrowBackThursday

All Winter, my wardrobe pretty much solely consists of lace. I'm talking Edwardian Era dedication here!...okay that might be a slight exaggeration :P But as someone that likes to dress very femininely (except for the uniform black trousers, but even here I can compromise) lace is my perfect go-to. I especially like high collars with lace detailing "à la Lily Elsie".

I've recently been able to stock-up on lace tops and blouses thanks to H&M and Dorothy Perkins who have a really great selection! So now I can feel like an extra from Downton Abbey (noooo not from the kitchens) without all the drama (not that that doesn't make it really entertaining) :P

Red & Lace Outfit 1

The white lace top is from H&M (similar here), the burgundy blazer is from C&A (similar here) and as you can see from the photos I've also included a "lace" (Baroque) pattern to my standard black trousers, also from C&A (similar here although only in bright red). Shoes and bag are from M&S and John Lewis respectively :)

Now what's the #ThrowBackThursday element to this post I here you ask? Well, when it comes to the November/December Winter months, I like to pair my lace items with reds and darker colours. Hence, as you've probably guessed, I paired this look with the classic Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 107. But when it comes to the January/February Winter months, my lace items gets paired with much lighter colours; whites, creams and nudes and very simple makeup such as the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 42 (part of the her new Nudes Collection).

Red & Lace Outfit 2
Red & Lace Outfit 3

So if you decide to wear lace, you can always twist it to your fancy; it doesn't always have to take the shape of a dress, as clearly demonstrated here. And you can always play with the "soft" element that lace creates by adding a more structured element, such as the blazer...the colour palette is yours!!!

Remember fashion is meant to be fun, so if you feel like drawing inspiration from a bygone era...the world's your oyster! :)

What is your go-to fashion item in the Winter?

Have you been following Downton Abbey? What did you think of the finale?

Are you a lace fan too? If so, what's your favourite colour to wear it in? What do you pair it with?

What's your go-to makeup in January? Are you a nudes girl after all the December reds, or do you go for something completely different?