Pearl Clips

The pearl beaded clip has been the “it” accessory of the season…why? Because anyone can wear it no matter the hair colour, style or cut, plus it’s super affordable!

Pearl Beaded Clips and Shell Ornament 1

So when I spotted this set in Stradivarius whilst on holiday, I just knew I had to pick up two pairs (because I wanted two of the rectangular ones to recreate the double clipped look as seen below).

All three hairstyles were based on curly hair created by foam rollers (granted you look like Medusa when you go to bed that night). It’s the only way I find curls last longer than 2 hours in my hair when I set them wet to dry (as opposed to starting with already dry hair).


Triangle Pearl Beaded Clips 1

This hairstyle was just done by sliding the triangular clip above and behind my ear, on the side of my hair parting with the least amount of hair.


This is the double rectangular clip look I was talking about. Super easy, you just clip back both sides of your hair behind and above your ear (you can but it is not necessary to have a middle parting for this look). Then do a quick check with the double mirror method (looking in a mirror whilst one is placed behind your head) to make sure both clips sit parallel to each other and aren’t wonky, and you’re done!

Rectangle Pearl Beaded Clips 1


For this hairstyle I just took a section of hair where my parting usually lies, I combed it back and fixed it at the crown of my head with just one of the rectangular clips. All three of these looks can be created with straight hair, I just fancied curly hair for the photos!

Rectangle Pearl Beaded Clips 2

Even though the clips are a minor accessory they still manage to make quite a statement, therefore I left the rest of my jewellery really minimal with some basic silver hoop earrings from Hema similar here (yes you may have spotted their gold siblings in my Clear, Gold & Shell Earrings post).

Pearl Beaded Clips and Shell Ornament 2

This shell dish is a thrift find from Soleil Pieces and although the glass is a deep blue in real life, I photoshopped it to be brown in the photos (ideally that’s the colour of the glass that I would have wanted). The other shell ornament in the first photo is from Maison du Monde here.

There you have it, an easy “it” piece to accommodate in your everyday style.

Have you tried the pearl clips trend yet?

Am I missing an easy way to style them? Leave in the comments below how you’re wearing them.