Olivia Burton Second Bunny Watch

So...my 27th birthday happened over the weekend (or as I like to call it; "my 21st 7th edition"). I was very lucky to receive the bunny watch that I had been eyeing since its release and hinted at in my previous Olivia Burton Bunny Watch post.

Olivia Burton Bunny Watch 1

Now while on the Olivia Burton website the strap is described and looks blush coloured, the item itself is not at all! The complete lack of pink in the supposedly "blush coloured" strap had me worried it was a manufacturing error. But after contacting Olivia Burton (side note: super speedy and friendly customer support), it was confirmed that it was the correct colour (I provided photos). Personally, I would describe the strap as a very muted light grey (the flipping photos in this post are the most accurate representation of the colour, I think).

Olivia Burton Bunny Watch 2
Olivia Burton Bunny Watch 3

This isn't to say I wouldn't highly recommend the watch itself. The bunny is super cute and surrounded by little flowers unlike the first model they came out with (seen in my previous post). If you don't have an affinity for bunnies like me (that's okay not everyone loves their hopping fluffy goodness), Olivia Burton has a bunch of other animals, bees "à la Alex Monroe" or even hummingbirds to choose from.

Olivia Burton Bunny Watch 4

While I very much still love my first bunny watch, the muted greyness of this one's strap means it goes with a lot more outfit options than the distinct pink of the first one. So, don't expect to see anything else on my wrist for a while! ;)

There you have it, a quick post of my recent birthday present. And as usual the packaging that came in the mail with it was just as gorgeous as the first time.

Are you a summer baby? if so, any great gifts you've received lately?

Have any Olivia Burton watches caught your eye? Would love to know which one/s