Olivia Burton Bunny Watch

As it's nearly Spring, I mean we're no longer competing with the Artic on who's colder! I thought I'd show you one of the most recent additions to my watch collection. I fell in love with this little beauty (that also comes with a vegan friendly strap if you so wish) two Christmases ago. But as it went out of stock pretty quickly, I was only able to get my hands on it about April last year.

Olivia Burton Bunny Watch 1

Although Olivia Burton has several animal illustrated watch faces (say that ten times fast!) I had to go with the bunny!

I've loved rabbits ever since I was little, my first cuddly toy was a rabbit...so was my second and third. My first was lost in a London taxi; thankfully I was too young to remember that traumatic incident; and the second kept losing its head, I lost count of the number of times my mum had to stitch it back on again. But my lucky third was "Raddit" (yes I couldn't pronounce my "b" apparently, and I was super original in the naming process) but she's been with me, and her little red dress and hat, ever since. 

Olivia Burton Bunny Watch 2
Olivia Burton Bunny Watch 3

Now while I can't go around with my cuddly toy anymore (I'm 26, that would be weird!) I can totally sport a watch that reminds me of her and the happiness that is Easter and the Easter Bunny. After all the dull winter months, it's impossible not to brighten in mood when all the flowers start to spring and the chocolatey eggy goodness is on its way!

Olivia Burton Bunny Watch 4

That's not to say you can't enjoy this watch at any other time of year though, I've worn it plenty of times when the mood strikes, regardless of weather/season, and "Raddit" would be proud!

And guess what?! Olivia Burton have just released a new rabbit illustrated watch face, any guesses as to what I'm asking for, for my 27th birthday?!

Olivia Burton Bunny Watch 5
Olivia Burton Bunny Watch 6

Plus, they never fail to disappoint packaging-wise. This bunny watch came in a gorgeously illustrated postage box and they even added a little thank you card which I think is a lovely personalised touch.

What do you look forward to the most come springtime?

Any cuddly toy stories you would like to regale me with?

Do you own any Olivia Burton watches already? If so, which one? I'm slowly but surely building up my collection! ;)