New Year's Eve Glitter Shoes

HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE!!! What better way to celebrate the new year than by wearing glittery shoes?! As I’ve been collecting this type of shoe for many years now (what can I say I’m a magpie, I see shiny shoes and I have to have them!). I thought now would be the perfect time to show you my collection so far, so if you’re in need of a bit of inspiration and don’t know where to look, just keep reading.


This is the perfect nude sparkly shoe for my skin tone. From New Look (similar here more rose gold tone here), this is the ideal pair to elongate your legs while giving off a little sparkle when they catch the light. The sparkle is caused by sparkly string/fabric woven in the fabric of the shoe. So you won’t be leaving a trail of glitter everywhere you go, nor do you get specks on your fingers as you put them on.

Light Gold Glitter Shoes 1


Again, from New Look, sadly I can’t find a similar alternative but New Look tends to bring out very similar shoes each festive season so keep an eye out then. This pair is also a type of woven sparkle, and I love the gold detail at the top of the heel below the counter (term for the heel of the shoe, who knew?!).

Dark Gold Glitter Shoes 1
Dark Gold Glitter Shoes 2


One of my favourites, this pair was from Marks and Spencer last year (no longer on their website) and they came out with a turquoise colour this year (yes I had to pick them up too, see below). These have different sizes of glitter chunks glued on the shoes, so you might lose a bit of sparkle if you scuff your shoe but otherwise they seem pretty solidily glued on there! Also, despite the super pointy look of the shoes, they are really comfortable to wear - and that’s coming from someone with wide feet.

Rose Gold Glitter Shoes 1


A new purchase from New Look this year (yes they still have them here), I love the multidimensionality of the colours provided by the glitter which is glued on the shoes (borderline holographic), sadly photos don’t do them justice as they really are stunning in person!

Multicoloured Glitter Shoes 1


Exactly the same as the pointy Marks and Spencer ones above, I had to pick these up (no longer on their website). I knew they were already super comfortable to wear, plus they were in my favourite colour and they were on sale…I mean how could I refuse?!

Turquoise Glitter Shoes 1


These are of the brand Marco Tozzi and I found them in the same Belgian Outlet Center Shoes & Fashion store from which I got my velvet shoes that appeared in my Velvet Shoes post (couldn’t find any alternatives). They also have that special woven fabric with sparkle, which is really nice.

Grey Glitter Shoes 1
Grey Glitter Shoes 2


The final pair, again from New Look (similar here), are a gorgeous black with subtle sparkle when caught in the light (super fine glitter). I mean if you’re stuck for options New Look is really your best bet as they rock the evening and stylish shoe world, and don’t break the bank either!

Black Glitter Shoes 1

There you have it, all my glitter shoes so far! Yes I know I’m missing the obvious red glittery pair but I have yet to find some to my liking! I think Dorothy stole the best pair out there!

Which was your favourite of the bunch?

What do you like to wear on New Year’s Eve? I’m opting for slippers this year as I have zero parties to go to. #jomo (Joy of Missing Out) :P

If you’re on the contrary going to a party, then have a great time, be safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!