Modern Jewellery

After my Modern Hairstyles post, I obviously had to follow up with a modern jewellery one.

When looking at modern jewellery, I find what distinguishes them from the rest are three simple rules; they are usually rather delicate in appearance, they often take geometric shapes and can feature marble or crystal look-a-like stones.

Before we get started I just wanted to add, as a side note, that the colour on my nails is Essie’s Licorice.


Gold Square Drop Earrings 1

Let’s start outside in; my third lobe piercing (see photo below) is a plain cubic zirconia stud from Claire’s when I had my second and third holes done (the tragus was done in a professional tattoo/piercing place in Edinburgh called Studio XIII). The star stud earrings came from a Marks and Spencer set, which I sadly can’t find anymore but I found some similar studs (here and from this set here). The long square drop earrings came from Veritas (a shop here in Belgium that’s a bit like Accessorize but which also carries haberdashery). Sadly, I can’t find a link on their website to these specific earrings but saw them in one of their shops just last week, so you should still be able to get some.

The hexagon ring was my first foray into this modern jewellery trend and at the time the only shop I could find these types of rings was from Six (before the trend took off that is, now you can pretty much find this shape anywhere). The bar ring on my other hand was also from there, the rest are just some stackable rings I got from a random set (probably from Accessorize as it’s my go-to jewellery store in the UK), but H&M do some really awesome stackable ring sets here.

Gold Square Drop Earrings 2


Again, the plain cubic zirconia stud, in my second lobe hole this time, was from Claire’s piercing process. And the long square silver drop earring was… you guessed it, also from Veritas (I picked up both the gold and the silver version at the same time).

I know people often say that they suit silver or gold jewellery more, I say pish posh wear what you want! While I tend to prefer silver coloured jewellery, that doesn’t mean I don’t or can’t wear gold, and so if I really like a pair of earrings (which I did in this case), and it’s available in both colours, then I will pick up both!

The circle ring was from Six, and the hammered band ring was again from a random stack of silver rings.

Silver Square Drop Earrings 1
Silver Square Drop Earrings 2


These half marble half gold hexagon earrings were also from Veritas (I think you might be able to sense a theme here). And I found some almost identical ones (they’re circular not hexagonal) from Claire’s here. And while on my search for all these jewellery dupes I found a matching hairclip here.

The rose quartz necklace I’m pretty sure was from H&M years ago, but don’t quote me on that one. But I found another rose quartz one here. Plus, I know the American Museum of Natural History do some (as well as the British Natural History Museum) since I picked up a clear quartz from there when I recently visited New York.

Marble Hexagon Earrings 1
Marble Hexagon Earrings 2


Last but not least we have this combination of the stud star earring (similar here and here), with some marble triangle drop earrings (also from Veritas but could find nothing similar).

Marble Triangle Drop Earrings 1

I think the marble ring was from Six, but I can’t quite remember for sure. Either way H&M do some nice marble rings here, or bigger stone ones here. The hexagon ring (from Six) and the heart diamanté one are the same from the first look. Finally, if you got the first set of marble rings from H&M that I mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph, it would also include a couple of bauble band ones (not sure how else to describe that specific effect), like the ones I’m wearing.

Marble Triangle Drop Earrings 2
Marble Triangle Drop Earrings 3

There you have it, my interpretation of the modern jewellery trend and a few key examples from my collection. I know plexi and gold are a big earring trend right now as well as seashell shapes (but I have a whole separate post coming up dedicated to that specific trend).

Oh, and in case you were curious, the mirror I’m using as a display tray of sorts was from Casa (a homeware store), they have a similar one here although made out of basket weaving material.

Are you a silver or gold jewellery wearer? Or are you like me and embrace both?

What do you predict will be the next big trend to go from homeware to jewellery like marble did?