Modern Hairstyles

Now I’m usually pretty lazy when it comes to styling my hair. Since it’s naturally straight, I just brush and go (my makeup is where I like to spend my time). But recently I’ve seen these types of hairstyles for bob and lob haircuts (whether straight or curly) which looked pretty easy to emulate, granted you have to own the right hair accessories first.


Gold Star Clip 1

This gold star clip was from Veritas (a haberdashery/accessories store here in Belgium). Now while I can’t find the exact same one anymore, they do have a thin gold geometric patterned one here. It’s that geometric pattern that gives the hairstyle its modern twist.

For the hairstyle itself; you are going to have to part your hair into three equal sections at the top of your head.

The two peripheral sections you can put into ponytails, so they don’t get in the way of the middle section and you don’t lose your partings.

With the middle section you are going to do a Dutch braid (where the braid is visible as opposed to the tucked in with the French braid). Because the section of hair you’re working with is so small you might have to skip a couple of grabs of adding hair to the braid, but don’t worry your braid will still be secured to your head. Once you’ve reached the crown of your head just continue to braid a normal braid, then tie up with a clear elastic or hair coloured one.

Take out the ponytails of the peripheral sections and comb them backwards (careful not to snag your middle part braid with the comb). At the crown of your head put all three section in the clip, and voilà the hairstyle is done!

Gold Star Clip 2

I can’t remember where I got the matching star necklace from, but Asos currently do a cute one here.

Gold Star Clip 3


Again with a clip from Veritas, which they currently still do have here. Instead of parting your hair in three sections you’re just going to take that chunk of hair and clip it at the crown. This couldn’t be easier! And again, what makes it modern is the geometric shape of the clip.

Silver Clip 1


Silver Clip & Half Updo 1

With the same clip and section of hair (you might want to grab a bit more at the crown depending on how thick your hair is. You’re going to take that section and twist it to make a sort of bun (the rougher the better) and tie it in place with a clear or hair coloured elastic (it shouldn’t be visibly sticking out of the bun).

With the end lose bit of hair and lower part of the bun you are going to clip them at the crown of the head. It may take a few tries for you to be satisfied with how it looks both at the front and back, and for the clip to be securely in place on your head (otherwise it’s going to untwist with the bun), but I believe in you!

Silver Clip & Half Updo 2
Silver Clip 2

There you have it, three pretty easy modern hairstyles. Remember it’s all about that geometric clip!

What are your go-to hairstyles?

Are you more of a brush and go girl like me?

What’s one hairstyle you would love to be able to do on yourself but no matter how many times you’ve tried it, it doesn’t work out? For me, it’s the waterfall braid…my hair nemesis!