Marbella - Evening Outfits OOTN

So a couple of weeks ago I was on holiday with my family (parents and big brother) in Marbella (a Lifestyle post will be coming soon). As we were staying in a rather fancy hotel it meant "dressing up" for dinner. Now, although we stayed there for 12 nights I only have 6 outfits to show you because although some might say I'm an excellent/Tetris Master suitcase packer, even I have my limits (stupid weight restrictions)! So I know...I know I'll be forever known as the "outfit repeater" (admit it, you have that Lizzie McGuire scene playing in your head too), but I think changing up the accessories can really change a look and if that means more room to bring back shopping then I'm all for outfit repeating! (Disclaimer: 6 bikinis and lots of day outfits might have also been packed along with too many shoes but I'm totally blaming the evening outfits for my lack of space).



Dress: This is a gorgeous dress I got a couple of years ago from New Look (similar here and here). It was originally meant to be a more casual day wear dress, to be worn over a bikini, but the length and gorgeous rich bordeaux colour means it has no problems transitioning into an evening dress.

Jewellery: I paired this dress with a beautiful turquoise earrings and necklace set I got more than 10 years ago from Marks and Spencer (sadly I haven't seen anything even remotely similar since). Now, although I had never previously even thought about pairing turquoise and bordeaux together, they went surprisingly well (they are split complement colours...who knew?!). The only earrings and necklace I could find in a similar vein were way more navy blue, but I think they still work (and I found a more turquoise set here).

Lipstick: L'Oréal Color Riche in Laetitia's Pure Red, but any dark wine colour would do.

Nails: If you saw my latest Essie Summer Collection 2016 post then you would have already seen this Mojito colour by Be Creative Make Up. Furthermore, it lasted surprisingly well against my sunscreen. If you've ever worn nail polish and then applied sunscreen, then you'll know that it has a tendency to mattify/dissolve the polish.

Shoes and Bag: See below

Red Dress 1
Red Dress 2



Black Sequin Dress 1

Dress: This dress I got about 5 years ago from Quiz (known for Prom Dresses). At the time it was the last one in a size too big for me, but now it fits perfectly...struggling to breathe means it fits - right?! I particularly love this dress because it's very glamorous and super easy and small to pack, #winwin. I've found something similar here but it's a long version which you could either get shortened or leave as is, whichever you prefer.

Jewellery: Now this is a big #fail since you can't actually see the earrings I'm wearing. But with this dress I like to wear statement grey coloured earrings (similar here and here) to match the sequins. Because the sequins are such a statement, any necklace would be a bit too much, so I usually leave my neck bare for this one.

Lipstick: Sephora Lip Liner To Go in 17 Light Brown.

Nails: Nothing on my hands (I know, what's wrong with me?!). But on my toes I'm wearing Maybelline Super Stay Gel Nail Color in 21 Pink In The Park which I wore everyday, so any toe polish you see is definitely that one.

Shoes and Bag: See below

Black Sequin Dress 2



Cream Sequin Outfit 1

Skirt and Top: I saw this skirt and top combo hanging on a hanger in Zara, two years ago, and just knew I couldn't buy one without the other. The soft, almost Grecian, quality of the top compliments the harsher crystal studded skirt perfectly! Although I couldn't find anything similar; the key to this look is really a pleated top (and here) with a short sequined/embellished skirt (I found a gorgeous light blue combo too: top here and skirt here).

Jewellery: You can just see the earrings I'm wearing peaking through in the picture below (on the left). The evening I wore this outfit I had spent the day tanning (.i.e. going from snowman coloured to a slightly warmer shade of marshmallow) while my Mum, Dad and brother went to a shopping mall and spotted these stunning earrings in a Spanish jewellery store called José Luis Joyerías. Although technically a Christmas present, I got to wear them early just for this outfit...YAY!!!! :)

Lipstick: My trusted N°7 Precision Lip Pencil in Nude of course.

Nails: Nothing

Shoes and Bag: See below

Cream Sequin Outfit 2



Dress: I saw this dress on the H&M website in the beginning of Summer but after two visits to my local H&M in the hopes of trying the dress on and figuring out my size, with no luck and the stock dwindling online, I gave in and made a lucky guess in an online order. I got my usual size (UK12 EU40) but I think I could have afforded to go a size down because of the extra fabric on the top half and the elasticated waist.

Jewellery: On one of the days I forgoed tanning and went with my family to our neighbouring shopping mall La Cañada (it was a 5 minute drive from our hotel) and discovered Bijou Brigitte (costume jewellery galore!) where I bought these gorgeous ice blue statement earrings.

Lipstick: Again my N°7 Precision Lip Pencil in Nude.

Nails: Nothing

Shoes and Bag: See below

Blue Silk Dress 1
Blue Silk Dress 2



Pink Silk Dress 1

Dress: Since I was small I've been lucky enough to know/have a seamstress. The brilliant Moira Paton is my Mum's friend and mostly does skirts for her, but she will occasionally do some adjustments/repairs and even dresses for me (when I find the perfect fabric that is, a rare occurrence...I'm fussy!).

The silk fabric in question was a leftover from one of my Mum's skirts and with an extra purchase of a meter Moira was able to make this dress for my birthday (she had to work off a previous dress she had made in the same style since we had lost the original pattern...just goes to show how talented she is!). This dress is therefore unique and I can only really link this dress which is in the same colour range and this one that has a similar shape.

Jewellery: Similar ones here.

Lipstick: Bourjois Rouge Edition in 07 Fuchsia Graffiti.

Shoes and Bag: See below

Pink Silk Dress 2



Dress: The most versatile of all the dresses (switching up the belt creates a whole different look), I got this dress from New Look about two years ago (it came with the gold bar belt). I haven't found a dress that comes with a gold belt per se, but I have found a black dress in a similar cut here and by buying this gold belt here you can easily recreate this look yourself.

Jewellery: Because the gold belt is quite a statement I don't wear a necklace with this dress either, but I did pair it with some big bold gold filigree earrings, similar here.

Lipstick: Sephora Lip Liner To Go in 17 Light Brown.

Nails: Nothing

Shoes and Bag: See below

Black & Gold Dress 1
Black & Gold Dress 2



Marbella Evening Shoes 1

The White Shoes: I got these from El Corte Inglés many years ago, on an earlier holiday to Spain. Although I couldn't find any with a similar floral strap pattern, New Look have a pair of strappy white sandals here.

The Gold Clutch: It comes from New Look a couple of years ago, but they have two very similar ones out this year here and here

The Red Shoes: ...So I've had these shoes close to 15 years now (yes my feet stopped growing pretty much at the age of 12) the insole is completely caput, but you would never know it when I'm wearing them! I've found a pair of red strappy heels, minus the sequins unfortunately, here. Fun fact: these were also my first pair of "real" high heels (not the toy plastic kind)...yes when you're 12, kitten heels are high, okay!

The Red Clutch: You probably recognise this clutch from my Best Dressed Wedding Guest post but as the alternative I found then doesn't exist anymore. I've found two new alternatives here and here (I personally bought mine on eBay).

The Black Shoes: Still currently in stock in New Look here.

The Black Clutch: I can't really remember where I got this clutch but I've found a pretty beaded alternative here. They also carry a gorgeous turquoise version here which along with the turquoise jewellery of the first outfit would go amazingly with the bordeaux dress.

The Nude Studded Shoes: If you know anything about shoes then you'll know these are an imitation of the Valentino Rockstud Ankle Straps. But since I don't have a spare €720 lying around (maybe one day I will be able to spend that much on shoes...but not yet!) I was super happy when I found these gorgeous lookalikes for just €35 in Buonarotti! If you're like me and shudder at the price of the originals, but aren't travelling to Spain any time soon, then I've also found other good imitations on eBay.


There you have it the 6 evening outfits I wore whilst on holiday...hope you enjoyed it!

What are your favourite outfits to wear in the evening?

Do you remember your first pair of "real" heels? Better yet, do you still have them too? :P

What's has been your best designer imitation find?