Halloween Earrings


One of my favourite times of year a.k.a. the “candy holiday”! I usually go all out with my decorations. Top tip: wait till November and get them all half priced (after a few years you can build up quite the collection!). This year I’ve added to my collection a dancing pumpkin, which gives me endless amusement!

But I’m getting side tracked, in this post I’ll be showing you four pairs of Halloween earrings you can wear throughout October.


Pumpkin Earrings 1

A recent addition to my small collection, I got these a couple of weeks ago from Hema. Which is a party/decorations/stationary/jewellery/makeup/baby clothes/snacks shop here in Belgium (yap I can’t work out the weird combination either). They are a bit weighty but nothing uncomfortable otherwise I wouldn’t have bought them (I can’t be the only one that estimates the weight of earrings before buying them…anyone? Nope okay).

Pumpkin Earrings 2


This is the first pair of Halloween earrings I ever bought but it was at least five years ago now. They are super light since they are made from essentially just some felt and glitter. I’m going to assume they were either from Claire’s or Accessorize because that’s where I get most of my accessories/earrings from. The latter has a very similar pair of hair clips this year, if that’s your thing.

Pumpkin Earrings 3
Pumpkin Earrings 4


These are super cute and dainty, and you could easily get away with wearing these without drawing too much attention. Also recently bought from Hema. These bat earrings would also be perfect for a second or third piercing (if you have them), because of how small and light they are. Plus, you could always layer these with another pair of more extravagant ones (either pumpkins above), in your first/primary piercing.

Bat Earrings 1

Only avid readers will recognise this fluffy little guy from my 3 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks post of last year when I dressed up as Countess Dracula :P

Bat Earrings 2


Apart from the diamantes these spider earrings are creepily realistic. Although they are a bit too big for me to comfortably wear them with my secondary earrings (my piercings are rather closely spaced). But I don’t mind, I think they are pretty statement enough to be worn on their own. Bought last year from Asda’s George. Top tip: check out the girls’ accessories as they often have fun seasonal hairclips and earrings there (no age limit to being ridiculously festive imo!).

Spider Earrings 1

There you have it, all my festive Halloween earrings.

Do you have any? Which is your favourite? I’m still missing some skeletons and cats but we’ll get there :P

Any fun plans/do you celebrate Halloween?

What’s your favourite candy? For me it would be chocolate…duh! But nothing with a peanut butter combination, I leave that combo to the Americans.