Green Envy... OOTD - October 2015

For the longest time, I never wore colour. During my teenage years my go-to "colour"...BLACK! One day, one of my school friends suggested that I try wearing green to bring out my green eyes. So instead of looking for the usual dark clothes, I spotted a moss-green T-Shirt and since then my wardrobe has never been the same again. If you're afraid of colour, I suggest venturing out into tones that match your eyes, you'll never look me! Now, my wardrobe is a true colour spectrum to behold (I never got rid of my black trousers/jeans style though, as you will probably notice in many outfit posts...soz).

Green Trench Coat Outfit 1

Now, it's only fair to warn you guys I have a thing for shoes but more specifically boots. Some girls collect handbags (I'm more than happy with my black, tan, small tan and aqua ones) others sunglasses... Me, I collect shoes! And nail polish...but you've probably already guessed that by now from my "nails" category. Speaking of which, I would normally be wearing green nail polish to match my outfit (yes I'm that kind of matching lunatic) but as I was swatching the OPI Venice Collection at the time (blog post up soon), I had to give a break to my poor and abused cuticles. 

The green boots I hear you ask, are from this season's Marks & Spencer Collection: scratch that, the whole outfit is Marks & Spencer! I've grown up loving Marks & Spencer, and since they re-opened in Brussels, this year, I'm in Heaven (my mum introduced me to them, so I blame her for my shopaholic addiction here)! Honestly I don't understand why more girls my age (24) don't talk about this beacon of light, more often! Granted, there is the stereotype that it only caters to the older ladies out there, and I might have a habit of dressing older than I am (that's my style, what can I say). But it's a true misconception and I urge you (young folk) to look at their fashion (and makeup range for that matter), have a proper ferret, you won't be disappointed!

Green Trench Coat Outfit 2

The black high-waisted jeans (not that you could tell from the photo) was a limited edition from M&S: they are called the High Waisted Skinny (similar here). It has a beautiful fit for a skinny jean (I'm pear shaped, so my thighs generally don't fit in skinnies without the waist then becoming too big if I size up) but these were perfect! Sod's law is that they only had one in my size (UK 12) in Brussels and since it was a limited edition, they didn't re-stock. 

The green coat (similar here) is gorgeous! However, I had to size down two sizes, I'm usually a UK 12 (top and bottom) but I bought UK 8 in this case, which admittedly made me feel very thin on the day, mind you, I'm of the smaller bust variety, so you might want to still try on (if interested), to be safe. Also, I noticed it doesn't photograph incredibly well. The material has a shine to it that makes it look creased in photos but it really isn't in real life, I promise!

For makeup, green eyeliner! I'm not sure if you can tell from the zoomed in picture of my face, but if you look closely, I'm wearing dark green eyeliner (I did warn you that I was a matching lunatic). It's from a brand that used to be carried by Boots, and from which I adore all their eye pencil/eyeliner products (drugstore prices) called Prestige.

Luckily enough on a Summer family holiday in Portugal, I wondered into a Douglas shop, I had never heard of them before, but they carried makeup, so the true magpie that I am, I went in. Lo and behold, there standing in the spotlight (not really, I'm trying to create a mental picture for you it working?) a Prestige stand! Needless, to say I stocked up on my daily brown eye pencil; "total intensity eyeliner in 02 Bold Brown" (smooth velvet to apply and lasts all day, it does smudge a bit but I really don't mind that). And I noticed this green little fellow "total intensity Liquid Ink Eyeliner in 04 Stalker" calling out to me. It was lovely and creamy, dried fast (the nightmare of the slow drying liquid eyeliners and the inevitable blinking debacle was not an issue here) and it didn't smudge. It has a 9 month expiry date, so by now mine is a bit old, but I shook it up a bit (it had separated and was quite liquidy) and I was good to go, not as good as an in-date product, but I don't have easy access, so it will do :P


So there you have it my October OOTD, is it too matchy matchy for you?

What colour did you gravitate towards do get out of the black monochrome stage of your life (if you had one that is)?

Or what's your favourite colour to wear that brings out your eyes? Would love to know :)