Clear, Gold & Shell Earrings

Modern jewellery seems to follow three simple rules; they are often delicate in appearance, geometric in shape and use crystal look-a-like stones. I’ve mentioned this before in my Modern Jewellery post, but there is a whole different option to modern jewellery in the form of the statement acrylic/resin pieces.

As with everything else in fashion, it’s a trend that has come full circle from the 70s and 80s, but instead of pairing these statement pieces with equally flashy outfits (I mean you do you!), the modern way to wear them is to pair them with chic, classic, minimal and often monochrome outfits. Letting the earrings (more often than not), do all the talking! Any standard white work shirt works for this look.


Clear & Gold Earrings 1

While coloured acrylic can be a fun pop of colour, I’ve seen a big rise in the clear acrylic paired with gold accents. Like this gorgeous pair still available in Veritas (at this point this shop is an easy guess when it comes to where my jewellery is from).

Clear & Gold Earrings 2


Hoops have made a big comeback in recent years, I remember wearing the big thin silver metallic ones as a teenager in the early 2000s (anyone else have Gretchen Wieners’ speech in Mean Girls come to mind?). But these days the small thicker hoops are on trend. I personally don’t mind, as this modern style doesn’t get twisted up in your hair and threaten to pull you ear lobe off in a tangled mess, so win win!

Clear & Gold Hoop Earrings 1

These clear acrylic ones again came from Veritas but I found some similar pairs here (with gold flakes) and here (with silver glitter). I also found a nice dangling version with multiple hoops here. I paired them with some small thick gold hoops in my second piercings (see below) to keep with the clear acrylic and gold accents trend, but you can totally wear them on their own.

Clear & Gold Hoop Earrings 2
Clear & Gold Hoop Earrings 3


Small thick gold hoops are everywhere and super easy to find, mine personally came from Hema (I also picked up a silver version, because I like to wear both metals depending on my mood and outfit choice), but I found a three different size pack on Asos here.

Gold Hoop Earrings 1


Gold Hexagon Earrings 1

These earrings from New Look here, prove that geometric shapes are equally as popular in delicate jewellery as in statement ones. I especially like the hammered gold effect these ones have, plus it’s a slightly different play on the hoop earring, which is always fun.

Gold Hexagon Earrings 2
Gold Hexagon Earrings 3


This shell jewellery trend might look familiar since it was everywhere last summer and it’s certainly here to stay. With epic beachy vibes, these can be rocked on holiday or in the summer heat (lol still waiting on that here in Belgium). Combined with a pearl detail which is very popular as hairclip accessories at the moment (keep an eye out for the next fashion blog post), these earrings also from New Look here, tick all the trend boxes.

Gold Shell Earrings 1

By the way, the silver coloured shell ornament you see in the photos is from Maison du Monde here and the white shell is a thrifted piece from Soleil Pieces, but Maison du Monde have some similar ones too.

Gold Shell Earrings 2

Asos have a plethora of gold shell earrings here, so you can start collecting seashells too, granted in this way more expensive way!

Makeup-wise (while I still remember) I was wearing on the eyes: Kiko’s Cream Crush in 05, Collection’s Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner in black and Lancôme Hypnôse mascara in brown. On the lips is N°7 Precision Lips Pencil in Nude with Revlon’s ColorBurst Matte Balm in 230 Complex on top. On my nails in the hexagon earring photos is Essie’s Polar-izing and the rest where I’m wearing nude polish it’s Essie’s Spin The Bottle.

There you have it the latest in the modern statement jewellery trend. Hope you enjoyed it!

Have any clear acrylic pieces made it into your collection yet?

What’s your favourite hoop earrings to wear?

Have you embraced the shell earrings trend? Are any pieces you might have bought last year making a reappearance?