Christmas Jumpers

When it comes to the lead-up to Christmas I like to sport a ridiculous jumper or two. While I have two that are coming tomorrow on Christmas Day (okay, I gave Santa major hints), I can show you the little collection I've accumulated so far. Now I know there is a trend to try and find the most ridiculous and "ugly" Christmas jumper out there, to sport during some holiday festivities, but these are not they! I like to think these jumpers are more on the tasteful side of things. But hey ho, you might disagree completely, in which case I need to quote Jessica from OutOfTheCloset "Christmas is about sparkle, and wearing things that other people hate", and I couldn't agree more!


Pink Christmas Jumpers 1

These are the most adorable things ever, while the penguin one on the left came from Asda (similar here) and originally had a pom pom attached to its bauble hat - but one wash and it came off. Which I don't actually mind since although very cute, under a coat it's not so comfortable to wear, hence I've never felt the need to sew it back on. On the right, is a pink jumper from Marks and Spencer with a mummy and baby polar bear, made from white lace which is very beautiful! I've already had several complements about it, and I would love to be able to link it, but it's several years old. However, keep an eye on the M&S website, as they often do very chic interpretations of the "Christmas jumper" every year.


Red & Cream Christmas Jumpers 1

The fluffy Rudolf sequined jumper is several years old and although I don't have it at hand to double check where it came from (either New Look or Next), Rudolf is a recurring theme at Christmas time so I'm sure you wouldn't have trouble finding something similar (e.g. here). The one on the right however is the perfect jumper for me, and I bought it THIS YEAR from Next (can't find the link for it though), so you might still be lucky and find it in store. Paired with a red lipstick (you can see me wearing this combo here), I think it's a nice, subtle yet funny nod to Christmas.


Fluffy Sparkly Christmas Jumpers 1

More neutral in terms of ridiculousness...these jumpers just have a subtle sparkle to them, so could be worn all winter long, not just for the holidays! The peachy one (on the left) came from Marks and Spencer a couple of years ago, and the one on the right was bought around the same time from New Look (although this one sheds a bit). I have been on the lookout for a plain white fluffy jumper that doesn't feature Rudolf on it (although I love the one above, the design kind of limits it's wearing appropriateness), but have yet to find one that doesn't shed like a sheep...not quite the look I'm going for! :P

What jumpers do you like to wear during this season?

Or do you live in a much warmer climate/Southern Hemisphere in which case; do they make Christmas T-shirts? That would be so fun to see!!! I know my brother has always wanted to spend Christmas somewhere warm and beachy (this kind of vibe), but I'm quite happy with the cold! Although I do wish it snowed just for the 25th and then immediately melted the next that too much to ask Santa for?!!!