Christmas Hairstyles

Along with Christmas jumpers and earrings, I also like to wear Christmassy hairstyles. Simple ones yet effective. Plus, you can wear both all year round, just swap out these particularly seasonal hair accessories for other more appropriate ones.


Glittery Red Bow 1

I found this glittery red bow (similar here) in Asda George's kid's section, but shhh who's to know?!

To create this hairstyle, I combed the top section of my hair back parting it equally on both sides and Kirby gripped it (with two grips crossed over each other for more sturdiness) at the crown of my head, where I wanted the bow to then be placed. Once positioned how I wanted, I just slid the clip of the bow in between the crossed Kirby grips and voilà, an instant Christmassy hairstyle!

Glittery Red Bow 2


Holly Clips 1

This pair of holly hair clips came from Claire's, and the bonus part is that they JINGLE!!! Now unfortunately I couldn't find the same pair again to link to (I'm sure they'll come out next year) but in the meantime you can find some similar ones here.

For this hairstyle, you can either comb two side sections on either side of your head and clip (using the hair that would normally frame your face), or just one section on your preferred side (I showed both results in the pictures), it's up to you. :)

Holly Clips 2

So there you go; two super easy and quick hairstyles to try out. Hope you're all having a wonderful day.

What are your quick go-to hairstyles?

Have you also found some cute Christmassy hair accessories to wear during December? If so, would love to know what!