Christmas Earrings

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYBODY!!!! Hope you're all having a fantastic day! As you'll know from my previous post I like to sport a few ridiculous jumpers during the month of December, but I didn't say that I also go all out with earrings to match! Usually I pick them up from Claire's (they always have a good Christmas selection) or Accessorize.

All 3 Collage Y.jpg


ginger 2 Collage Y C.jpg

Of course we have to start with a true classic (similar in this pack here), these gingerbread men will stay this cute forever as they never get eaten!


bauble 1 Collage Y.jpg

Are more subtle and chic variation on the novelty earrings, you can get away with these on any occasion (similar here).


C 2 Collage Y.jpg
candy 2 Collage Y flip.jpg

Probably my favourite thing to eat during the holidays (yes people who eat the Christmas tree candy canes actually do exist), I love that I managed to find this pair a few Christmases ago (similar in this pack here).


reindeer 4 Collage Y.jpg

We can't miss out Rudolf of course; the cutest reindeer of the season (similar here)!


santa 2 Collage Y C.jpg

And finally, the man responsible for all this joy...SANTA!!! Again a nice subtle pair (similar here) that goes very nicely with any cream jumpers, but I personally like to pair it with this one from Next feature in my Christmas Jumpers blog post. :)

santa A Collage.jpg

There you have it, my novelty Christmas earrings collection, hope you enjoyed it. And let me know if you have a favourite? Or if you have something different you like to wear during the month of December!