Autumn & Sweater Weather Outfits

Before the Arctic blast that seemed to plummet our temperatures here in Belgium a good 10°C over a weekend, it was perfect sweater weather. These are three outfits worn then, when there was still no major need for any coats. As I know the world consists of many varying temperatures during the autumn and winter, I thought some of you might still enjoy these outfits nonetheless.


Tartan Outfit 1

Because I love tartan (my inner half-Scottishness has to come out somewhere), this has got to be my favourite outfit. The ribbed berry/burgundy top is from M&S last year and they have a similar long sleeved jumper (here) which will keep you much warmer.

The boots are true vintage as they come from my mum, and with the help of some shoe polish they look as good as new! Now if you aren’t as lucky to get such gorgeous hand-me-downs then Zara has a similar pair (here).

Tartan Skirt 1

Although my skirt was from Asda George last year too, M&S have a variation without the tartan (here), and with tartan but a slightly darker colourway (here) and Asos has a red colourway (here).

The watch paired with all these outfits is my chocolate DKNY one featured in My Watch Collection post, and the nail polish is Essie’s With The Band seen properly in my Essie Winter Collection 2015 post. And finally the pumpkin earrings again seen with every outfit were featured in my previous Halloween Earrings post.


Striped Jumper Outfit 1

When I spotted Zoë Sugg wear this jumper in one of her vlogs for her Halloween photo section of her upcoming book, I just knew I had to have it! It’s from Joanie (same design but different colourway here), and similar candy corn colourway (here). The skirt is just a plain black A-line corduroy skirt bought again from Asda George last year, very similar (here) and (here). The ankle boots are some simple western style ones from New Look last year (very similar here).

Striped Jumper Outfit 2


The final outfit is for those who might not be as comfortable wearing skirts this time of year (thermal tights are a thing so don’t let it be the cold that stops you). The jumper was originally from Wallis but bought on eBay and New Look have a similar one (here). And the dungarees were also from New Look a couple of years back (identical here).

Striped Jumper & Dungarees 1

The black boots were also from New Look last year, and here you have two options: either going for the slouched look but thinner and taller heel (here), or going for the same heel as I have but with a more structured boot on the ankle and leg (here), as my perfect combination of both doesn’t seem to be on their website anymore.

Striped Jumper & Dungarees 2

There you have it my three autumn/sweater weather outfits. Which one is your favourite?

How is the weather at the moment where you live? Sweater weather appropriate or full on puff jackets and mittens?

What about your shoes of choice? Has practicality outweighed fashion yet? I know snow does that to my choice of footwear, don’t want any broken ankles for the sake of “Fashun”! ;P