1 Jumper/Sweater 3 Ways - Autumn/Fall 2015

Tan Jumper Outfits 1

The piece: a Tan Jumper from H&M...the season Autumn! (similar here)

Tan Jumper Outfit 1

My first way of stylling this jumper is by making it the centre piece of the outfit, choosing two additional items to compliment it. In this case a tan handbag (from C&A a shop we still have here in Belgium! similar here) and some tan flower patterned boots (from last year's M&S Collection similar here). The black jeans are a staple in my wardrobe (similar here), as you've probably noticed they're making a reappearance from my last outfit post. All in all, I'm keeping the palette fairly neutral with just two colours: tan and black.

Tan Jumper Outfit 2

That said, as I've kept the palette neutral, makeup is where I have a bit more fun with this outfit. Either, I continue with the neutral route as seen in the next pictures or I go the bright pop of red route, as you can see in the photos above.

Here, I'm wearing my new addition to my Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets collection: 03 Hot Pepper (as it's an orangey-red it does make your teeth look a bit yellow). I would additionally pair it with the Essie nail polish in Color Binge (swatched in my Essie Autumn Collection post). For eyes, I would have put on a more orangey eyeshadow but as I was doing multiple photos in one day, my eye look here is my everyday one (Prestige brown eyeliner, with my Lancôme Hypnôse Precious Cells mascara). I would have also added the Clinique Cheek pop/blush in 02 Peach Pop as it is the only blusher I own that has an orange undertone to it (all my other ones are pink and mauve under-toned). 

Tan Jumper Outfit 3

For the next outfit, I'm playing with different materials in the same tanned category.

Both the faux leather boots and jacket (similar here) were purchased from New Look years ago (on separate occasions so I'm not even sure if it was the same year). Now although I love these boots (similar here), the problem with them is that they do not zip up all the way (you can see where the zip finishes in the next photo) so it makes it impossible to stuff jeans down them (even skinny ones) so you can only really wear them with tights or as seen here ¾ length jeans rolled up. As these are the only pair I own, blue had to do, but I feel they add a very casual element to the whole outfit.

But you might disagree, like my dad who kept trying to cut out the jeans from the photos he was shooting of me, you guys are lucky you got a full length shot of this outfit at all ...guess you can't please everybody :P

P.S. This is wear the argument "but it's fashion!" comes out...when really it's just my weird stylistic choice!

Tan Jumper Outfit 4

For makeup you can see the neutral route I would take with this jumper, since I already have so much of the tan colour going on, I would not add anything extra to my makeup.

So on my lips: the new Nude Collection of Rimmel lipsticks by Kate in 42 (does anyone else wish she had named her lipsticks, I mean does that not seem like the funnest part...no?) over my trusted N°7 Precision Lip Pencil in Nude.

Tan Jumper Outfit 5

Finally, the last outfit is for those colder and more rainy Autumn days (which let's be real, in Belgium those days are the definition of Autumn).

The coat is also from New Look (similar here), from years ago. But do not disappear, the duffle coat style always makes a reappearance every year during the colder seasons, it's definitely a "classic" coat to own. I love the brown detail trimming and toggles on this dark navy coat, I personally think it goes beautifully with the tan jumper.

The main reason why I bought this coat though, is the hood! At the time, I was at Uni in Edinburgh and if you've ever experienced the Edinburgh winds, then you know that carrying an umbrella is futile (RIP all the broken umbrellas you often see in the street bins from unknowing tourists). The hood was the only way to go, you can easily hold it in place, without looking like an idiot doing a weird wind dance in order to keep your umbrella from turning inside out. But hey, if you feel like dancing and "singing in the rain" then I won't be the one to stop you. :P

For trousers, it the same M&S black skinnies from above (surprise...surprise) and my daily go to black boots (similar here), also from M&S years ago. Mind you, I've had to have them re-heeled 3 times because the "top piece" (the part of the heel that comes in contact with the ground) kept coming off after they naturally wore down from constant use, but all is well now.

Tan Jumper Outfit 6

For makeup, it's the same neutral combination as above (Rimmel's Kate lipstick in 42 and N°7 lip pencil in Nude).

So there you have it, my 3 ways of styling this tan jumper, hope you enjoyed it! 


Do you guys have any favourite jumpers that fit in perfectly with your wardrobe? 

Any go to jumper colour you like to wear in Autumn?

What's your Autumn weather like where you live? Is it still the T-Shirt and jeans kind or do you skip more milder weather and go straight for the earmuffs and fleece lined coats?