Zoella's Sweet Inspirations - Review

Hi guys, sorry you haven't received any new post from me in a while, but I'm back!!! Minus the full body allergic reaction to a new softener I bought (yay!!!), which delayed my testing out of these gorgeous products for you.

Now if you haven't heard of Zoella, that's okay...you just haven't been around YouTube for as long as I have...circa 2008:

Zoella a.k.a. Zoe Sugg, started off as a beauty guru/fashion guru (endearing term given to people making beauty/fashion videos on YouTube). I think I started following her...about 5 years ago, certainly, I remember looking forward to coming home from Uni and going straight on to YouTube and catching up on all the makeup tutorials/hauls out there (I also loved Elle Fowler, Fleur DeForce, Pixiwoo and Tanya Burr's tutorials...hands up who remembers the epic Edward Cullen tutorial on Jim?!!).

Yes guys, you heard correctly; there was a time when Zoe had yet to introduce us to her brother (Joe Sugg), met Alfie, or even started ombré-ing her hair (shock horror...I know!!! #ZoellaSignatureLook #KateRimmel107 hadn't happened yet either!). But since then she has expanded her work greatly; her video content has broadened (she has 10 million subscribers for good reason!), she has written books (destined for young teens which sadly now that I've reached a quarter of a century, I'm old...sniffles..., are not really my cup of tea) and launched a beauty line!

Zoella's "Sweet Inspirations" is the third official scent from Zoe's beauty line which also includes her original scent the "Classic" (launched September 2014) and last year's summer scent "Tutti Fruity". All of which can be found at Superdrug.

If you follow Zoe's channel, you'll know that she's not a fan of sweet scents; when she said that she didn't like "The Comforter" from Lush, I think I died a little inside (16 minutes in here). So when she announced that she was coming out with a sweet scented line; I've got to be honest, my first feeling was trepidation. You'll know from my perfume post that I'm a big fan/obsessed with sweet sugary scents (if it smells edible - I'm more than likely going to love it!). But I needn't have worried, as Zoe's sweet tooth prevailed and she based this new scent on the soft sweet almond smell of French macarons...yummy!!!

Zoella LIFE IS SWEET Beauty Bag
Zoella LIFE IS SWEET Beauty Bag

Zoella LIFE IS SWEET: Beauty Bag

This sweet little bag is in a gorgeous light periwinkle blue - think Essie's Saltwater Happy (yes, I do relate all my colours to nail polish).

While I do like the scalloped edging, the actual size of this bag is not that useful (for me anyway) when it comes to holding makeup (I've expanded too much since my schooldays of carrying just powder, lipgloss, mascara and a nail file kit).

Yes, technically it's a coin purse...but I have a wallet to hold my coins. And who honestly has time, whilst at a till, to take out several wallets to put away their change? Without simultaneously holding up the queue that is?! (Good in theory but not so much in practice). However, I've found the perfect use for this bag; holding the unused cubes from Le Fizz bar once you've opened the packaging (I go into more detail about that below).

Zoella Le Fizz Fragrance Bath Fizzer
Zoella Le Fizz Fragrance Bath Fizzer

Zoella Le Fizz: Fragrance Bath Fizzer

This product is the one that most intrigued me from Zoe's beauty line as Lush doesn't really have an equivalent. And when you're going to compare bath product you can't not mention Lush.

While I was hoping this would give off way more fizz, and last longer (a bit like taking a bath in fizzy water for 5 minutes...wouldn't that be fun?!) expectation didn't quite match reality. It gives a little fizzle (not quite the power of a typical bath bomb) but by the time you get in the bath i.e. when it's run (Le Fizz is recommended to be used under warm running water) there is no fizz left... #Fail. But it does give a pleasant soft scent to your bath water, so I will give it that.

My issue with this product however, is the recommended dosage. Why recommend 4 cubes of product when you've clearly designed it to be broken off in 3s (see pictures above)? Instead of neatly snapping off the end (with 3 cubes) each time you want a bath and sliding the rest back in the paper packaging (like chocolate...oh I do like that design!) you have to try and break off a single cube without crumbling the others next to it, and for one of your baths you'll be left with only 2 cubes. This creates a messy "trying to put it back in the packet/I give up and put it in the Life Is Sweet bag instead" scenario.

Overall, just break this product in 3s and don't expect much fizziness. The soft scent that Le Fizz gives your bath is what makes this product worth it.

Zoella Bath Latte Bath & Shower Milk
Zoella Bath Latte Bath & Shower Milk

Zoella Bath Latte: Bath & Shower Milk

I've gotta say, this is my favourite packaging from the Sweet Inspirations line, well done Zoe! And you might be fooled, like me at first, but it's NOT ACTUALLY GLASS!!! So no worries, you're not going to end up accidently re-enacting a Saw movie if the bottle drops in your bath.

I've used this product in all three ways: to pour into your bath as your water is running, to wash with in the bath, and to wash with in the shower (you wouldn't think there would be much of a difference for the last two; but gravity is a fickle thing).

The consistency of this product is what surprised me most: it isn't as liquid-y as you would think, in fact it's a bit more gel-like (like a hybrid between a cream and a jelly maybe?) either way, when pouring it under running water, it's quite easy to control. As the consistency is thicker, when you lift the bottle it stops pouring relatively easily and doesn't dribble, same when washing with it in the bath. However, when showering, the gel-like consistency has a tendency to slide off your arm before you have the chance to lather it and the quantity that come out is a bit harder to control (yay, gravity!). Ideally, had there been an added flat nozzle (a bit like the Bioderma one) so that you could still have the milk bottle imitation screw on cap (aesthetically pleasing) and more control when pouring (smaller circumference), this product would be much easier and less wasteful to use.

Now the product itself is gorgeous! When used to pour in the bath (my favourite way to use it), it adds the sweet macaron scent from this line without being too powerful (Le Fizz is quite faint in comparison though). It also leaves your water hydrating without being oily or leaving an oily residue all over your bath which is just asking for trouble (yes...butterbear I'm looking at you!); no bubbles though. All in all, a great product! Plus, the scent does manage to linger for a good 7 hours after you've dried yourself off (without cheating and using the Body Cream to extend its life).

Zoella Double Créme Body Cream
Zoella Double Créme Body Cream

Zoella Double Créme: Body Cream

This product is by far my favourite one from the Zoella Sweet Inspirations line. Not only does it smell incredible, like the rest of the line, but it doesn't give me spots!!! As you'll know from my Winter Saviours' post, I can only use The Body Shop's Body Butter on my legs as it causes spots if I put it anywhere near my décolleté area. This Double Créme however (yes as a French speaker, it does hurt me a little that they couldn't get the accent right...wrong direction people! Please tell me that it was at least purposeful and not because someone didn't bother to check), I can slather it on as much as I want...and no spots, which is a big deal!!!

I did notice that the product does take some time to fully soak in...especially after taking a hot bath and your still technically sweating a little; then the cream does act a bit like a sun screen i.e. it leaves white areas where the cream isn't properly rubbed in/absorbed, but I'm putting this down to its thickness (which also means it's super hydrating). Definitely not a cream I would use in the summer months though because of this issue, but come winter...gimmy gimmy!!! Packaging-wise I have zero issue with this one, and would not see any way to improve it, perfect as is!

So there you have it, my thoughts on the new Zoella Sweet Inspirations line (and there are a couple more products that I didn't pick up but you can see here). I feel like I've been rather negative in this review but I really do like the products...promise! I'm just a perfectionist, and when I see a way to improve a product, why not mention it?

Certainly, for someone who doesn't like sweet smelling things; Zoe has nailed this scent and if anything, I urge you to go sniff it for yourself! Plus, all her product are super affordable so what's not to love.

What do you think of Zoella's Sweet Inspirations line?

Do you remember what your first Zoella video was? I'm pretty sure mine was this one :)

Who were/are your favourite YouTube beauty gurus? New discoveries would be awesome!