The Body Shop's Piñita Colada - Review

The Body Shop's Piñita Colada 1

I've got a quick post for you today (I know, what is this sorcery?!!) and it involves the delicious new scent from The Body Shop; Piñita Colada!!! As you might have guessed, it's a play on the famous pineapple and coconut drink, Piña Colada :P Now sadly you can't drink these, but don't worry, you will be smelling delectable in no time!

The Body Shop's Piñita Colada Body Sorbet

The Body Shop Piñita Colada: Body Sorbet

I was the most intrigued with this one as I had never tried a Body Shop sorbet before. Much like the palate cleanser, this product is super refreshing! It has a gel-like consistency which is ideal as a light moisturiser in the summer when it's hot (I wish!!!) but you still have to shave your legs (rather drying on the skin) and a rich "slow absorbing" body butter doesn't cut it. I would have to agree with The Body Shop's claims that it's fast absorbing and instantly moisturising, plus the lightness of texture means that it doesn't clog my pores and I don't get spots on my décolleté area, which you'll know if you've read my Winter Saviours post and Zoella's Sweet Inspirations post, is a real problem for me when it comes to moisturisers. Furthermore, I think if you leave this product in the fridge before using it, then applying it will be like a little slice of refreshing Heaven...especially after tanning (do always use sunscreen though, we don't want any sunburn here)!

The scent, as promised by its name, is a combination of pineapple and coconut. The pineapple provides a lovely fruity zingy side to this scent (much like The Body Shop's citrus scent: satsuma and grapefruit) and the coconut compliments it with a creamy soft richness. Like the drink, this is a perfect fusion of flavours!

The Body Shop's Piñita Colada Body Butter

The Body Shop Piñita Colada: Body Butter

This is one of the lightest body butters I've tried, if you're like me and you've tried more or less every Body Shop body butter there is, then you'll know that different scents mean slightly different textures. Some are slightly harder like the strawberry and peach, and some are softer and creamier in consistency like the mango and piñita colada. All of course are easily spreadable on the legs with the natural body heat from your hands (too rich for my décolleté area though).

I would say this scent is slightly softer than the body sorbet, more soft coconut-ness maybe? And because it is richer it keeps the skin hydrated for longer compared to the sorbet (kind of a given) and when you're experiencing a British or Belgian summer (80% of the time miserable and not particularly warm) then this body butter is ideal. It provides all the hydration you'll need whilst transporting you to a summer vacation full of cocktails and relaxation! It also comes in a smaller travel size, great for easy packing if you are actually going somewhere sunny!

The Body Shop's Piñita Colada Shower Gel

The Body Shop Piñita Colada: Shower Gel

I've got to be honest, when it comes to shower gels I'm pretty un-experimental, my all-time favourite scent is the Dove's Winter Care with Nutrium Moisture. It's limited edition sadly, so I usually stock-up like crazy in the winter (we're talking at least 20 bottles of the stuff). But come summer, even I will get bored of the scent and this piñita colada is the perfect fruity fresh and yet soft alternative! The smell does linger a bit after towelling yourself dry, but for maximum longevity I would highly recommend using either the sorbet or body butter depending on your moisturising/climate needs.

Why...oh...why does this also have to be limited edition?! Definitely grab as many as you want while you still can guys (they also have a special gift set available).

Dear Body Shop, if you're listening...please bring this scent out again next summer...pretty please!!!! Love, a new #piñitacoladafan

So there you have it, a relatively short post from me. Hope you've enjoyed it nonetheless?!

What's your favourite summer scent to wear? You can include perfumes!

If The Body Shop was to bring out a new tropical scent next year, what cocktail would you like them to base it on? I'm not a drinker (all virgin drinks for me) but I think a Tequila Sunrise would be fun, you?

Have you been anywhere nice? I'm certainly enjoying the sporadic heat/summer we are having (better than nothing eh?!).