Ralph Lauren's Tender Romance - Review

Ralph Lauren's Tender Romance 1

So, Valentine's Day is coming up...cough cough...tomorrow, in case you needed a quick reminder. I know I don't, I LOVE "stuffing my face full of heart-shaped chocolate" day! #livingthesinglelife. But just in case you needed a last-minute gift inspiration or if you just wanted to treat yourself to something special, I thought this little short and sweet post would do the trick!

Ralph Lauren's Tender Romance 2

Ralph Lauren - Tender Romance (Eau de Parfum)

Without further ado, I present the newest addition to my perfume collection and a recent release (launched in 2016) from Ralph Lauren: Tender Romance! Now while this perfume doesn't actually contain any vanilla, which if you're a long time reader you'll know is the basis of most of my favourite perfumes (see my Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire post or my Top 5 Autumn/Fall Perfumes), it does however contain benzoin. This is a resin with a vanilla-like sweet aroma and this perfume certainly delivers on sugariness...hence why I liked it so much (yes I do have a sweet tooth...what gave me away?!).

Nevertheless, I would describe this perfume as quite floral and fresh smelling (still with a strong sugary undertone), perfect for the last winter months where you're naturally craving a rejuvenating scent to start off the new year. While I can't personally detect the spiciness of the ginger note, the base notes definitely come into play after a couple of hours and make everything softer somehow.

Furthermore, this perfume has one of the strongest lasting powers I have ever come across, you're getting lots of bang for your buck that's for sure! Admittedly, I tend to spray my perfumes on my clothes, which tends to extend the life of any perfume anyway, but this one I tested out on my skin and I could still smell it on myself after 8 hours, amazing!!! I also read that for some ladies this lasted on them for up to 15-24 hours!!! If that doesn't persuade you that this scent is at least worth a try, I don't know what will?!

- TOP NOTES: Bergamot, ginger and pear

- MIDDLE NOTES: White ginger lily, white magnolia and jasmine

- BASE NOTES: Cashmere wood, benzoin and musk

Hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow, whether you spoil yourself or someone you cherish...we all know those chocolates aren't going to eat themselves!!! Num num!

What's your favourite thing on Valentine's Day? I love watching romantic films too (they're my favourite genre anyway), although I'm not quite sure what this year's picks will be?

Have you had any recent perfume discoveries I need to know about?