Lolita Lempicka's So Sweet - Review

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!! Hope you’re all having a chocolate-filled day!
If not, that’s okay, I’ve got a new perfume that I think would make an awesome gift (because if you can’t give a gift to yourself today of all days, when can you?).

Lolita Lempicka's So Sweet 1

The So Sweet perfume from Lolita Lempicka is exactly that; sweet!

- TOP NOTES: Cherry, mandarin and raspberry leaf

- MIDDLE NOTES: Iris, rose and angelica

- BASE NOTES: Whipped musk, amber wood and creamy cashmere

On me, this perfume isn’t too long lasting. About the standard 4 hours which I seem to get with eau de parfum.

The packaging although adorable in its apple-shape-ness feels a bit flimsy; the spray comes out of the thin stem. There is no bottle cap (which I don’t personally mind) and the perfume does tend to drip on your fingers when you spray, but all can be forgiven when you look that cute!

Although someone did point out on the Fragrantica website that it feels like the stem/spray could break at any point. I have yet to experience this, and as long as you press vertically downwards (as opposed to at an angle), I think you should be fine.

Lolita Lempicka's So Sweet 2

As a happy fluke I paired this perfume with a cherry printed shirt I got from eBay (before I realised one of its top notes was cherry). I thought the colours/pattern would go well with the bottle and Valentine’s theme, and although originally from Asda George (they have a strawberry patterned blouse here), I found a similar pattern in dress form on Asos here.

Lolita Lempicka's So Sweet 3

(Yes, I removed the plastic before eating that delicious lolly! I didn’t want a sticky mess while taking photos, but it makes zero sense looking at that now…oops!)

The heart-shaped bag is from Radley about two years ago. Collectif also have a heart-shaped crossbody bag here, although a bit different. But a quick search on eBay for a heart-shaped bag turned up a ton, so might want to try there too!

The shoes that seem to be my go-to for blog posts featuring red heels (Valentine’s Day Outfits and Fcuk’s Friction For Her posts), were from Marks and Spencer. They have a similar pair again here, or if you’re looking for cheaper, New Look have some here.

The earrings were from New Look last year, but Missguided have some rose gold ones here. And Asos have some big fun red ones here.

Finally for my lips and nails, I went with my favourite pink toned red combo; Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain in 03 Strawberry Kissed and Essie’s Watermelon (part of their permanent range). Ahhhh when looking for that last link I saw that Essie have a limited edition Valentine’s Day range! Why have I only heard of this now?! Going to be on the lookout for that one, fingers crossed it comes to Belgium!

Lolita Lempicka's So Sweet 4

There you have it, a quick Valentine’s Day post for you guys to enjoy, whether loved up or #singlepringles. And remember, all that discounted heart-shaped chocolate is just one day away…YUM!

Bought any new perfumes recently?! Would love to know what’s making up your collections this year.

Favourite Valentine’s Day movies…go! Mine has to be the classic Valentine’s Day (I think we’ve all wished to receive a giant teddy bear like Taylor Swift), although I haven’t watched Leap Year in ages, so might make it a point to watch that tonight. But Every Day was a fantastic recent one I saw, which I highly recommend! What can I say, romance movies are my favourite genre, this was always going to be hard for me to pick! ;)