Coloured Eyeliner - KIKO Super Colour Eyeliners

So it's no secret that I love KIKO products for their affordability and quality, so let me introduce you to their Super Colour Eyeliner range. Yes, when it comes to matte black eyeliner my go-to favourite; as you'll know from my Stila Soul Palette post, is Collection's Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner in black. However, while Collection do make some great coloured eyeliner in the same 24h range, my go-to for coloured eyeliner has to be KIKO.

From their Super Colour Eyeliner collection I've picked up: 109 Pearly Purple Cranesbill, 112 Crocodile Green and 107 Blue Majorelle (by far the brightest of the lot). Of course you can wear coloured eyeliner all year round but I especially like to wear it in the summer when I'm naturally craving something a little different and brighter on the eyes than my go-to dark brown eye pencil and mascara. So I've created three makeup looks around each eyeliner, of course you can pair these up with anything, but this is what I tend to go with.

But first as with any use of liquid eyeliner I always properly prepare my eyelids to prevent any smudging throughout the day or bleeding of the eyeliner upon application (although to be honest if your liquid eyeliner is bleeding too much in the first place, it's not a good product). So I always first apply my Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Primer to my eyelids. Yes at £17 it's expensive, but you only use the tiniest amount (less than half a pea size for two eyelids) so it easily lasts me a good year. Try not to put any foundation or heavy moisturiser on your eyelids beforehand, as this just creates product build up and will reduce the efficacy of the primer. A good and light eye moisturiser (which also doesn't give me milia #bonus) is Boots' own brand Essentials Cucumber Eye Gel. Before applying any makeup though always allow moisturisers to sink in for a good 5-10 minutes.

Then over my primer I apply a bit of my face powder in N°7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder in 10 Fair, if I'm doing a specific eyeshadow look that day then it might be an eyeshadow. Either way, your primer acts like glue (hence why eyeshadow last longer because it's more "glued" onto your eyelids), therefore you have to set it down with a powder of some form to prevent your liquid eyeliner from wanting to stick to your primer and hence being smudged (which defeats the whole point of using a primer in the first place). The powder/eyeshadow will act as your matte barrier which will prevent your eyeliner from smudging onto your eyelid, and because of the primer the matte barrier will not budge (it's your eyelids' natural oils that makes eyeshadows and eyeliners smudge/not last).


LOOK 1: Using 109 Pearly Purple Cranesbill

For this look, I tend to keep it simple on the eyes and just let the flash of purple bring out the green of my eyes (purple complements green and brown eyes if you didn't know). The mascara is also purple but you can only really tell in direct sunlight, either way it gives a lovely "je ne sais quoi" to the eyes. And because purple and pink are an obvious/girly combination I paired it with a pink blush and fuchsia coloured lipstick and nails. Looking at this look now though, I think adding a bit of a lilac coloured eyeshadow on either the outer corner of the eyelid (like the lime green in the next look) or on the mobile lid itself would have been very nice too.

Products Used:

  • Eyeliner: 109 Pearly Purple Cranesbill
  • Eyeshadow: N°7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder in 10 Fair
  • Mascara: YSL Effets Faux Cils in 4 Violet
  • Blush: Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in 03 Berry Pop
  • Lipstick: Bourjois Rouge Edition in 07 Fuchsia Graffiti
  • Nails: Maybelline Super Stay Gel Nail Color in 190 Pink Volt


LOOK 2: Using 112 Crocodile Green

For this look I added a bit of lime green eyeshadow in the outer corner and upper crease to match my lime green jumper. I paired this look with a more orange-y tomato red lip and nails and the same pink blush as above. Ideally a more orange-y red toned blush would have been a better match but the pink worked surprisingly well. Also the YSL Shocking Mascara in 3 (sadly discontinued) is black with the slightest hint of green. Again you can't really see it except in sunlight and even then unlike the purple mascara above it's not that obvious. But have no fear, YSL are masters of the coloured mascara (in fact it's the first brand I think of when I'm searching for a particular colour) and they are launching this summer 2016 their Vinyl Couture range, which you guessed it...has some amazing colours; including a green...YAY!!! But don't just take my word for it, check out this amazing blog post by Musings of a Muse a.k.a. Isabella. Now I have yet to see this new collection on the Boots or YSL websites but I have spied them/swatched them in my local Planet Parfum :P

Products Used:

  • Eyeliner: 112 Crocodile Green (more of a khaki green eyeliner which is to say a yellow toned green which goes perfectly with lime green eyeshadow; a green toned yellow)
  • Eyeshadow: N°7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder in 10 Fair all over eyelid with a lime green eyeshadow in the upper crease and outer corner from my First Edition BH Cosmetics 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette
  • Mascara: Volume Effets Faux Cils Shocking in 3
  • Blush: Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in 03 Berry Pop
  • Lipstick: M&S Limited Collection in Matte Coral
  • Nails: Maybelline Super Stay Gel Nail Color in 490 Hot Salsa


LOOK 3: Using 107 Blue Majorelle

This eyeliner is so bright I let it do all the talking! Blue goes really well with orange so for lipstick and blush I would tend to stick to more neutral/orange-y toned colours. In these photos I'm not wearing any blush but that's more from lack of time than anything...since normally I would pair blue eyeliner (or if I'm wearing baby blue eyeshadow) with my Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in 02 Peach Pop. And because you guys know I like to match everything, this pop of blue eyeliner goes extremely well with Essie's Aruba Blue on the nails and a gorgeous pair of blue tinted aviators that I got for €5 from C&A last summer!

Products Used:

  • Eyeliner: 107 Blue Majorelle
  • Eyeshadow: N°7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder in 10 Fair
  • Mascara: Lancôme Hypnôse Precious Cells in Densifying Black
  • Blush: Nothing but would normally be wearing Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in 02 Peach Pop
  • Lipstick: N°7 Precision Lip Pencil in Nude under Rimmel London Lasting Finnish Lipstick by Kate Nude Collection in 42
  • Nails: Essie in Aruba Blue



I've honestly been able to wear these eyeliners for a good eight hours without any issues of smudging or peeling off. But I'm pretty sure my application technique (primer and powder) have got something to do with that. Plus, I'm very conscientious when I wear makeup and I don't tend to rub my eyes either, so that might be another factor in their longevity.


All eyeliners come off pretty easily using a makeup wipe, so no issues there.


So there you have it, the three makeup looks I would wear with these KIKO Super Colour Eyeliners. Which one is your favourite?

What makeup looks/lipsticks would you pair these eyeliners with?

Do you wear coloured mascara? If so, what's your favourite brand? Are you also looking forward to the YSL Vinyl Couture Mascara Collection?

Now I do also own KIKO Super Colour Eyeliners in 104 Dark Slate Green (black with teal shimmer), 110 Pearly Regal Purple (black with indigo shimmer), 111 Pearly Charcoal (black with silver shimmer) - would you like me to do a blog post about those three this autumn/winter?