Clinique Cheek Pop Blush "US exclusive" - Pansy Pop - Swatches

Clinique Cheek Pop Blush Swatches in 02, 03 & 15

Arm Swatches L to R: 02 Peach Pop, 03 Berry Pop and 15 Pansy Pop

Pansy Pop was the main reason for my US beauty order that I talked about in my previous post (in which I cheekily added the Sephora Cream Lip Stains). 

If you can recall, Clinique came out with these flowered beauties last Spring (2014). From that very popular original line I only purchased two: 02 Peach Pop (an orange) and 03 Berry Pop (a bright magenta pink, i.e. a red toned pink).

I gravitated towards these two colours because I felt that 01 Ginger Pop was a "watered down" version of Peach Pop and the same thing goes for 04 Plum Pop, a "watered down" version of Berry Pop. And this is pretty much the only criticism I can make of these blushers; the repetitiveness of the colours!

This is why when I spotted the 15 Pansy Pop (very blue toned pink, i.e. a light mauve) colour as one of the new releases of this year's Spring Collection I was ecstatic! Swiftly followed by extremely gutted when I found out it was a "US exclusive" :( Once again, I feel that the new UK releases are just another "watered down" version of what we have already seen, and unfortunately because of that I'm not buying any of said new UK ones. Admittedly 14 Heather Pop is more of a light brown toned pink, but built up it's just too similar to Berry Pop for me (when using a lighter hand to apply).

The amazing thing about these blushers and what simultaneously shoots them in the foot; is the versatility of the product! Let me explain!

They are extremely buildable, which means that you only truly get the intense colour from the container gradually (depending on how heavy handed you are). So if you're afraid of bright looking blushers, don't be! If you just want a lighter wash of colour, a quick couple of dabs (I use my retractable N°7 blush brush I got in a Christmas limited edition set years ago) should do the trick, and if you want something more intense...just keep building.

This is not to say that it takes forever to get to the final colour, on the contrary the pigmentation is sublime, and I don't quite know how this product manages to have simultaneously irreproachable pigmentation while sustaining extreme buildability. And this is how Clinique have shot themselves in the foot. If you want something more akin to Plum Pop then just use a lighter hand on Berry Pop (that's why I say that the former is the "watered down" version) and there you have it! Hence, they have made it very unnecessary to own all of the colours!

Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in 15 Pansy Pop

15 Pansy Pop

This is a beautiful and unique mauve shade, a very blue toned pink, that you might think has the potential of not being flattering but "au contraire, mon frère" it really is! Furthermore, the colour for some reason really carves out your cheek bones. In the picture above, I have ZERO contouring products (they're not really my thing), and while admittedly I have been blessed with quite strong cheek bones (and jawline) they aren't usually so pronounced. That, right there, is mostly down to Pansy Pop!


Lovely pigmentation, however it takes quite a bit more product (than the other two I mentioned from the original line) to build up to a satisfying colour. Mind you, I like my blusher to be a bit more obvious than just a tiny wash of colour, as I feel it gives me more of a doll-like softness to the face which counteracts my strong jawline.

Zero patchiness, it looks like you've applied a cream blusher without the hassle of said consistency! I don't know how people apply cream blushers without smearing their carefully applied foundation, and if you have acne, the concealer. For acne sufferers, you know that cream blushers are a no-go, unless you want to spend hours doing and redoing your makeup after the blusher has destroyed half your application. Well this is your solution! If you like the look of cream blushers but can't be bothered with the hassle just get your hands on a couple of these and you won't look back.


Amazing wear on this product, what you put on in the morning is what you take off at night! This might sound redundant to some of you but if you've experimented with your blushers a bit, you know this is not a given. For example, when I'm applying my N°7 blushers I know that in the morning I can get away with being a bit more heavy handed because the colour will wear off a bit during the day. Or an even cheaper blusher I used that ended up being patchy at the end of the day...not a pretty sight.

But these Clinique blushes are the first blushers I've owned to remain consistent with what I applied in the morning...and Pansy Pop is no exception! 


I though I would add this category because it's impossible to ignore how pretty these blushers are, they come in a clear plastic casing with the Clinique logo printed in silver on the front. This alone gives these blushers a nice clean sleek look, but the star of the show is of course the Gerbera flower print, so fresh and Spring-like! The embossing might scare some of you from ever using the blushers and spoiling the design. But let me reassure you, I've been using my Berry Pop almost daily for practically a year and as you can see from the photos, although worn, the design is still clearly visible (I dab my blush brush to pick up product though, I never swirl, so that could be a factor). There's certainly no denying that these beauties will look stunning on your dressing table!

Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in 15 Pansy Pop

M.A.C. Amplified Lipstick - Up The Amp and Essie - Splash of Grenadine


This Spring, before I even owned anything close to this blusher colour, I've been gravitating towards more of a mauve-y pink. It started off with Essie's Splash of Grenadine for which I bought Mac's Up The Amp to match (because I love matching my nails to my lipstick...well not when I'm painting them blue...obv) and no drugstore lipstick came close to matching (I don't usually buy Mac lipsticks because I love drugstore so much). Some of you might think that matching lips to nails is a bit too old school, but I still love it; I think it's a true classic! And by pairing more unusual colours (like a mauve-y pink) you're bringing it up to date :) And Pansy Pop harmoniously completes this little matching trio, a gorgeous combination that I've really been enjoying as of late. <3

Clothes wise, instead of the stripy top (you know the one, the Parisian looking one that everyone and their mother owns) I was sporting with these nails and lips during the Spring, I'm wearing a dark plum/purple jumper, which gives this makeup look an instantaneous Autumn feel while still staying very fresh looking (sorry I don't have any outfit photos and you can only just about see the purple roll neck). 

For the eyes, I used a couple of pink eyeshadows from my BHCosmetics 120ColorsPalette in the socket line and outer corner (I did a V-shape) while the eyelid just had a plain nude/taupe-y eyeshadow on it, that I have from a random l'Oréal palette. My mascara is the final touch to this very pink and purple look as I added my adored YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils in 4 (a gorgeous purple/black mascara)

There you have it a gorgeous makeup look (if I do say so myself) to pair with this fantastic blusher.

Clinique Cheek Pop Blushes

Have you picked up any of the Clinique blushers? If so which ones?

What blusher formulas have you been blown away by?

What are the most "unique" blusher shades that you own? I really wish I could get my hands on the Clinique Cheek Pop in "Sephora's exclusive" 07 Cola Pop, it looks so amazing! Alas, living in Belgium there is only so much you can do ;)