Burberry's Burberry Brit - Review

January is a bit of an awkward month; the festivities are over and everyone is up for a fresh start. The heavy, dark jewel tones are no more, the sparkles are dissipating yet it's still freezing outside...so what to wear?

Burberry's Burberry Brit 1

My solution? Fresh and light coloured outerwear combined with a deep red lip and this gorgeous matching Mango checked scarf (still available here). Best of all, my new perfume (received as a Christmas gift) matches this crisp look perfectly!

P.S. The fact that the perfume box and scarf have the exact same matching pattern is puuure coincidence...shifty eyes. Okay, I liked the check on the box so much that when I found it in scarf form I just couldn't resist, so sue me!

Burberry's Burberry Brit 2

Burberry Brit Eau de Toilette (not to be confused with the heavier original) sits in strength in the middle of this perfume chart. However, I found that even after two (short) train rides and an afternoon of cleaning, I could still smell it on my jumper. That's why I regularly spray perfumes on my clothes...it always last WAY longer!!!

Burberry's Burberry Brit 3

You'll know if you've read any of my other perfume reviews (here, here and here) that I tend to always go for the sweeter perfumes. But this one, as well as being sweet (can't stray too far from what I love guys), is also quite citrusy. This gives it that extra zestiness that will have you walking with a spring in your step in no time! Plus, the scent doesn't make you smell like toilet cleaner (which is always the danger with citrusy smells)! #BONUS!!!

- TOP NOTES: Green almond, icy pear, lemon grass and Italian lime

- MIDDLE NOTES: Sugared almonds and lush peony

- BASE NOTES: Mahogany, amber and vanilla

Burberry's Burberry Brit 4

The watch, if you're curious, is a new addition to my watch collection from New Look (available here). The coat however, is a really old one from Next (I'm not kidding, I bought it when I was 14-15 so 10+ years ago now...how time flies!!!). But any white or cream pea coat should be fine if you also want to achieve this look. And finally, on my lips is the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 17 Dark-Red.

Burberry's Burberry Brit 5

There you have it, my quick review on the perfume and outfit (more specifically scarf) that I'm loving at the moment!

What do you like to wear during the non-festive winter months?

Have you received any perfumey gifts as of late that you're absolutely loving?