3 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks


In Belgium, where I live, we don't really celebrate Halloween. Nevertheless, I can't ignore my true calling...honouring the "candy holiday" is a definite must for me! So, I came up with three quick and easy makeup looks, so you too can indulge in your sweet tooth this fine evening (sadly not a socially acceptable practice any other time of year).


Countess Dracula Look 1

I VANT TO SUCK YOUR BLOOD!!! Excuse me while I teach my precious little fluffy offspring here, how it's done! :P

Anyway, for this look, all you need to add to your everyday makeup is two different shades of red liquid lipsticks (which I recommend over normal lipsticks to avoid smudging). I personally used a brighter red for my lips; Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 01 Always Red, and a slightly darker rustier coloured red for the fake blood (so it doesn't look like you've just smudged your lipstick down your face), Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 17 Dark-Red. The latter, you'll want to draw in a slight zig-zag going from the corner of your mouth to your chin...a.k.a. where blood would dribble if you actually had fangs!

Countess Dracula Look 1

The vampire cape came from Stonemanor, a British Store, here in Belgium, that likes to go all out when it comes to Halloween. I even got some spider web tights and tablecloth there (the latter which I use as a makeshift cape in the look below #improvising).


May I present; the Spider Queen a.k.a. Aragog in human form! I know what you're thinking...why couldn't it be a pretty butterfly?!

Now if you wanted to be really fancy/creepy with this look (and had a lot of extra time to spare) then you could always do a double or triple vision makeup look to imitate the numerous eyes that spiders have. But I took the easy way out, and with just one good eyeliner, my trusted Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner in 1 Black, I drew spider webs on my eyelids.

Extending from my lashline and following the natural direction of my eyelashes, I drew five lines to create the basis of the webs. Then, connecting them with a slight concave shape whilst gradually going closer towards the lashline as I reached the inner corner of my eye. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be perfect or symmetrical. It's very effective no matter how smudged and messy! To complete the look, I just added Mac's Matte Lipstick in Stone.

Spider Queen Look 2


Lastly, I created a cat makeup look which I feel is the easy go-to for anybody who's running too late to get a "proper" costume together. So, don't be surprised if you turn up to a Halloween party and it feels like you're just an extra in a production of "Cats The Musical".

Cat Makeup Look 3

Again, I used my favourite eyeliner, Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner in 1 Black, to create the whiskers. Unfortunately, you have to freehand it (haven't found a better solution) and wobbling is an annoying occurrence. At least, I wasn't wearing any foundation, so mistakes were more or less easy to rectify. Continuing with the eyeliner, I drew the nose and the line between the philtrum ridges.

Then for my top lip I used KIKO Instant Colour Matte Liquid Lip Colour in 15 Anthracite, and my bottom lip I used Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 01 Always Red. I wanted both lip products to be as smudge resistant as possible, so that they wouldn't bleed into each other when my mouth was closed. This would have been successful had I not then decided to eat and drink, minor transfer of colour was unavoidable in that situation I'm afraid.

(pro tip: DON'T DO THIS LOOK IF YOU'VE GOT A RUNNY NOSE!!! One blow in a tissue and you end up with black EVERYWHERE...I learnt my lesson the hard way guys!).

The gorgeous lace cat ears came from New Look, but I can't seem to find them on their website anymore. However, they do have some cute alternative options. But anyway, there you have it; my three quick and easy Halloween makeup looks. Which one was your favourite?

Do you celebrate Halloween? If so, what's your favourite memory?

What's your must-have candy for this holiday?

Also, what's your favourite movie to watch this time of year? I can't do creepy anymore, I used to be an avid horror movie watcher...then Paranormal Activity happened, and I just can't watch them anymore (there's always one!)