Welcome to my blog lilacchocolate,

Hi I'm Emma,

Where to start? Well I've pretty much been obsessed with makeup since I was 13 (got to thank acne for that one) and it hasn't stopped since!

I'm half English, half Scottish (the latter I blame when I want to dye my hair and it ends up a variation of ginger). Being born and raised in Belgium has made me bilingual in English and French, don't worry I'm a terrible speller in both! So if there are any mistakes on this blog you know for sure I was writing it and not a computer (well technically auto-correct is a computer, but let's just ignore that fact).

I studied History of Art and Architectural History at the lovely University of Edinburgh (with a scholarship year in Paris, because why not... when in Rome, or in this case when in Paris? Ok not sure where I'm going with that one). All the while I was introduced to the lovely world of YouTube and blogging and I've been hooked ever since. I've always thought though, that "I could do that! I have opinions and stuff!". No, but really I've always been the "artsy" one of my group of friends, that's what happens when you take A-levels in Chemistry and Biology and all your friends become doctors. But although I love the logic of science, I adore the creativity of art! For me, art is present in the everyday things, and makeup is my main outlet on a daily basis (well except when I give my skin a break, let's be real), that and photography. 

So I hope you can join me on this artistic journey/obsession where I solemnly swear (Harry Potter quote anyone?) that I will inject as much of my humour as I can, even if I'm the only one that finds it funny :P